Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Winner from CTO Pool Party Blog Hop

First off, I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time out of their busy day to hop with us last weekend for our Celebrate the Occasion Pool Party Blog Hop!  Weren't all the projects amazing!  I feel so fortunate to be on such a talented Design Team!  I also want to thank every one one of you who left your wonderful and encouraging comments and a another big thank you to all of my friends(followers) who stopped by to show their support!  Welcome to all of my new friends and thank you so much for joining me in my blogging adventures!  I'll be visiting most of you this week! 
I asked for everyone to leave me a comment letting me know what their favorite part of summer is (sorry for all the teasers all my friends on the other side of the world who are heading into winter...I hope it brought warm memories for you)!  My favorite part of summer is of course the warmer weather, hanging poolside with my kiddos, going to the lake and gardening all of which I love to do while spending time with my family!!  Many of you asked me to share more scrapbook pages so that will be my mission this summer after doing all the above!  I have to warn you now that I do not have a particular style that I follow when I scrapbook nor do I like to follow any rules (that is why I never do sketches)!  My scrapbook pages are whatever vibe I get from the pictures, papers, events.  Sometimes it is very simple, sometimes it is all Cricutified (yes, I'm aware that is not a word but it should be...hehe) and sometimes there is so much junk on the page that it takes forever to take it all in!  I hope you all like it and at least I can show you a wide variety for all of your different styles!

OK, so if you are actually reading this because we all know everyone doesn't read (especially when you post a layout and they leave a comment that states "nice card") you are probably saying "GET ON WITH IT LADY"!

The winner of the 11 bundles (10 yards each) of Twinery Baker's Twine
Lilac, Caribbean, Blossom, Honey Dew, Cappuccino, Black, Pink Sorbet, Lemon Drop, Maraschino, Peapod, Mandarin sponsored by My Craft Spot is....

OK WHERE DID MY NUMBERS GO IN THIS SILLY THING!!!  I'm going to need to read up on this random.org thingy.  Well, the winner was...................... ANGIE from My Paper Productions

Angie said...

Well, I was just dropping by your blog to see what was going on so, nice surprise, I will have to try to do the hop if I can before everyone wakes up. :)
My favorite part of summer is 4th of July and all the parties. So fun!

YAY Angie!!! 

I decided since you were all so awesome and there were soooo many wonderful people who left their great comments, that I would draw a surprise winner to win a set of Stampin' Up! stamps that I have here just waiting for an owner who will love them (sorry, I know it is not as exciting as the Baker's Twine but it's FREE)! 

The winner drawn by random.org was........................KIMBERLY from Kimberly's Crafty Spot

Kimberly said...

This LO is so super cute!! I really love the colors and papers you used!! How fun!!
My favorite part of summer is being able to spend time outside with my family especially my kiddos :)

YAY Kimberly!!!

Congrats Angie and Kimberly!   Thank you everyone for all your support and a big round of applause for all the wonderful blogs involved in the hop!  Have a great day!


Kimberly said...

YAY!! Oh my goodness thank you so much!!! I'm really, really excited to win! :)

chignon said...

congrats to TWO winners :) And I think the stamps are terrific.

Cathy said...

congrats girls!!

Amy said...

Congrats to your winners, Amber!! :) I'm finally getting to hop through the CTO hop (for real, not on my phone!) YAY!! :)

Okay, I read the whole post (really!!), and I really had to LAUGH when you pointed out the 'nice card' comments!! Hahahaha!! I get that ALL the time, and I always think to myself... "Really???" LOL...

Wow... That was a lot of 'really's... but I'm leaving them now!! :)

Amy :) at www.lovetocrop.com

Jessica said...

Congratulations winners and so very generous of you Amber!

Georgiana said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Penny Smith said...

I had to come bug you-since you posted about my Rob P. pic! LOL! The trailers, once out are always up on You Tube!

Penny Smith said...

(Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is fab too!)

JulieK said...

Nice card!

JulieK said...

LOL! I couldn't resist!
Congrats to the winners! Amber- you're fabulous!