Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day in the Life on Planet MOM!!

Seriously, is it a full moon tonight???  Today has been one of THOSE days!  You know, the one where your carefully planned schedules turn to muck!   I swear, when my kids woke up today, this is what they thought the daily schedule read.....

6:00 AM - we are board so let's quietly wake the baby up and feed her M&M's for breakfast then wake up Mommy!
(#1 where did they find a bag of M&M's because had I known they were here, I would have eaten them myself a long time ago!  #2 I'm now going to have to start setting my alarm for 5:30 again so I can try to get up before/with them!  Why are my kids early risers?)
6:30 AM - Mommy is really unhappy with us so lets go fix her chocolate milk for breakfast while she is cleaning up the choco beast baby!  
(#1 weren't the M&Ms enough chocolate mess for one day!  #2 now I have no choice but mopping the kitchen floor after breakfast today...yay!)
7:00 AM - Since Mommy is busy cleaning the kitchen, let's go outside and make sure everyone in the neighborhood is up for the day!  (I'm sure all the neighbors appreciate there summertime alarm clock AKA My 3 Es)
8:00 AM - Mommy decided to clean the bathroom after the kitchen so since she is busy, let's go build a fort in the living room with every single blanket, towel and pillow in the house.
(though I love how imaginative they are, I wish they would leave the clean linens alone, cue Movie time to keep them from ripping every room apart and Mommy can get some time on the computer...YAY!)
9:00 AM - Movie is over and Mommy is busy on the computer, so let's go play Mary Poppins off the bunk beds!  ( is the 1 year anniversary of oldest E's broken arm.  When we saw our surgeon last time, he joked about how long it would be before he met the baby (Middle E had broken the same arm, same type of break and had the same surgical pinning from a fall 6 months prior to oldest Es....yes, my kids are Monkeys and the surgeon told us he was positive he would see much more of our active family before they are grown...yay) I would prefer no more broken bones please!)
9:30 AM - Snack time!  Baby E finds the hidden umbrellas while her sisters are snacking and destroys one (GOOD no more Mary Poppins!)
10:00 AM - Scrapping time...YAY (Mommy's most favorite part of the day)!!!
10:30 AM - Baby E lost interest in scrapping and decided to go pee/poop on the hallway floor just outside of the bathroom because her potty seat was sitting there (why did I not put that back on the toilet after cleaning the I have another floor to clean today...yay)
11:00 AM - Mommy is busy cleaning the hallway so let's see what all we can do with a roll of tape...hehehe!!!
11:30 AM - Lunch time....(one of the quietest times of the day because all their mouths are full...ahhhh)
12:00 PM - While Mommy is cleaning up lunch, let's see what all we can flush down the freshly cleaned toilet....uh oh....."Mommy, there is water on the bathroom floor"  Mommy says, grab a towel and clean it, "but it is a lot of water!  Baby flushed a My Little Pony down the toilet and it's stuck!"   (SERIOUSLY!!!!!  I just cleaned that floor now I have to clean it again!!!!  And to make it even better, when I call my hubby to ask him what I should do about the pony, he says "Why do you let them overflow the toilet once a month?"  REALLY, do you think I tell them to go do stuff like that????  Do you think I enjoy cleaning my floors ALL DAY????)
12:30 PM - Naptime and we better be quiet and sleep because Mommy is VERY unhappy about being in there cleaning that bathroom again (not to mention the 2 loads of  towels that now need washed just from this morning)

I really hope the rest of the day goes in a better direction!  I really do love being a SAHM but there are some days that make my head spin!!!  Anyone else having a fun day at home with their little tornadoes today?  For those of you who don't want to read about it, sorry for letting out a little frustration today!  I'm going to go hang the towels out and throw the second load in, then I'm heading in for some crafting therapy!!!  I'll be back to posting crafty stuff tomorrow!


Christine said...

I feel for you Amber. I only have 1 E, I can't imagine 2 little ones. We have had a fort taking up our entire living room since the weekend. Emily has been sleeping in it too. I just got out of it with her. I went in so she could read a book to me. I am trying to keep up with her reading during the summer. I hope your afternoon is more relaxing.
Take Care,

Dr Sonia S V said...

Oh Amber I think you need a really big hug and I think this post of yours is fit to be published in a top grade Mother and Child magazine.Its hilarious!!Yeah So I can say but dont want to be in your shoes!! Today I had my dog go bonkers and pee on the front room spare bed over my daughters school bag!!Sprained by back and daughter decides she just has to be carried!! A mom's life is a miracle!!

Kimberly said...

Bless your Heart Amber! I know all too well what you are talking about.....for a minute there I thought I was reliving my morning!!! Only add the grocery store in there. I hope the rest of your day is better :) remember they aren't small forever (at least that's what everyone keeps telling me!! Haha!) And you are not alone that's for sure!! *big hugs*

- said...

Oh my goodness!! You are having a rough morning. I know right now it is hard to cherish moments like this..but you will look back and laugh about it:) They grow up before you know it. My three E's have grown up so fast it is hard to believe, 2 of them have graduated and my baby (tears inserted here) graduates next year.
TFS, just hearing your day makes me think back on mine that were like that and smile now.
Good luck with the rest of your day.


Missy said...

Oh Amber, sorry your day has been so crazy!! I loved hearing about it though!!! Hang in there, you know it will be better soon!!! If it makes you feel any better---my bestie's 4 year old loves flushing stuff down the toilet too---so much he flushed her WEDDING RING a few months back!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!! Hope the afternoon is better for you!! Again,their tales really did make me laubh!!!! ;)

TyTynNiyasmom said...

I really enjoyed this post. I have 3, but one is a teenager ( a whole other set of issues LOL) and the others are 4 and one just turned 2 a week ago. I have days like this and it's good to know that I'm not alone :) Thanks for sharing.


Jessica said...

WOW! You've had quite the day. I'm sorry everything seems to be going wrong, but this post will really be funny one day. :) Actually, the part about the potty seat on the hallway floor is pretty hilarious right now. :)

June Houck said...

My girls give me days like that…one was yesterday lol. I told dh, "after they go to bed, I am getting drunk!" Okay, I ended up going to bed myself, no drinking, out like a light, as per usual after a day like that :)

Kate said...

OMG! I am so sorry but I have never laughed so hard, I definitely feel you do as I have 4 little ones.

Since you have made my day I will try to make yours. I've read this a couple of days ago and I'm sure as a SAHM like my self you will enjoy this

Jen said...

OMGosh, Amber! I remember those days when my oldest three were little. Right now my youngest, who seven year old, is absolutely driving me bonkers. Every time I turn around there is a new mess to clean up or force her to clean up. 31 more days until school starts -- and yes, I'm counting!

Hang in there! Sending you hugs!

Amanda said...

Oh I'm sorry but I am LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF here! Thank you for posting on my blog! :D I'm glad you liked my little story! I wish I could do that too FOR REAL! But sadly, the mess would just be waiting for me the next why bother?! :D It's a nice fantasy favorite part of your day is when your "dear" hubby asked why you ALLOWED them to flush the MLP down the toilet...he seriously asked that?! I just shake my head at this guys sometimes...
Hope the rest of your day went better!
I'm off to follow your blog so I can keep up on all your anecdotes!

JulieK said...

Oh stop your whining!! (Just kidding!) Sounds like a crap-tacular day! Dealing with kids all day is a tough job, but dealing with adults all day isn't always easy either.
Today I inspected an Oriental Grocery store where the store owner brought in her pet guinea pig (because she didn't think the animal liked to be home alone all day) and set the cage up in the produce section! When I asked- why the produce section? She replied, because it's cooler than the back room and there's plenty for him to eat!!
Next stop- I flooded someone's kitchen when I washed my hands. His drains were backed up and he said no one was allowed to wash their hands in the kitchen (Yuck!). (At least I didn't have to clean up his floor.) He also had a major pest control issue and I was attacked by a swarm of gnats when I opened a storage room door (Yuck again!).
Third stop- everything ok there!
Fourth stop- Spent 45 minutes (outside in 95* weather) trying to explain, to a man, why is is not a good idea to prepare eggrolls (from scratch even!) OUTSIDE in 95* weather.
Then I got to go home and and be graced with my 2 ten yr old daughters attitudes and hear how they were too tired to do their chores because they spent the afternoon at the pool!
I think my day was still better than yours though!
Know that tomorrow will be better!

HappyPlaceJen said...

I love this post. You tell this in such an artful way! I hope blogging was good therapy for you today. I know it's said over and over again, but you will miss these ages (my girls are now 11 and 12)! Your Es are just adorable. God made them cute like puppies so you'd put up with all of this - LOL! ~Jen

Kristie said...

Thank goodness I work in an office all day, mostly by myself LOL!!

You have such a great sense of humor and you must have the patience of a saint! You rock! :)

Jamie said...

Too too too funny! Thanks for sharing your SAHM story. My day was not as crazy busy as yours but I have a 2YO that is getting over a fever and is in that Stage 5 Clinger mode, and a 3MO that seems to be going through a growth spurt so she's literally sucking the life out of me since I am nursing.

I hope your day got better after your break while they napped.


jo said...

I think we've all had days like those! Hope the rest of your week is getting better!

Nita T. said...

Oh my! Sounds like you had a "DAY". As much as I feel for you, I must admit that it makes me soooo super happy to hear that other families are like mine. :) Your husband's response to the flushed pony cracked me up. I think your 3E's owe you some angel days now. :D TFS.

Pam said...

Well I must say those days are in my past maybe!! I don't know a mom who couldn't relate though. One thing I can tell you is this is the easiest time to be a mom. Really it is. When they are older you have to deal with and worry about things that can have permanent consequences. Things that can't be mopped up. Enjoy your girls even the messy days, someday you'll want them back! Hugs, Pam at

artfuldelight said...

Oh my goodness I laughed the who time I read that. I know it's not funny though because I have had one of THOSE days. And most of the time I want to run away! My 3 lil ones are a little crazy too. Then you mix a teen in there and it's all down hill. LOL! I hope your day/week got better!! :-)

Jens Craft Corner said...

I loved reading this story. I am a mom of two and have had many of those days. The three E's sound like they keep you on your toes. Keep up the good work mom!

Sherrie K. said...

Oh my's sounds like you've had a rough day. I really can remember a few times when my day felt like that when my 3 were younger. I had a few calgon..take me away days!! Keep your chin up and hope things get better. You gotta keep a diary because when you look back on it..your gonna laugh and the girls will be shocked:) Take care!
Sherrie K