Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Diaper Cakes

My favorite gift to give a Mom-to-be are diapers.  I've been the Mom of a newborn 3 times, so I can tell you diapers are the most appreciated gift. It is one thing you can not get enough of.  When I go to a baby shower, I like to give diapers, but I do not like to give them in the standard plastic wrap or as I usually buy them, a cardboard box.  I like to give diaper cakes.  Usually when I tell people this they do not understand what I am talking about.  I get the wierd look of "you're giving someone a cake with diaper?  Does it smell?"  No, they do not smell because they are made with new diapers and it is not a real cake.  Diaper Cakes are diapers folded/rolled and stacked to look like a cake.  My first diaper cake I've ever made was for my very best friend in the world when she was expecting her first little princess a few years ago.   I did not make this one to look like a standard cake.  I was very ambitious not knowing what to expect.  I wanted this one to be amazing and special for my friend so I made my first diaper cake look like a castle!

My second cake I made later that year was for a boy.  This time I was not as ambitous and made a more standard looking diaper cake.  It was a Baseball themed cake and I think it also turned out pretty cute!


ediapercakes.com said...

Your piggy cake is really adorable!