Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspiration in the form of Preschool Valentines

Today MPS was asking what Inspired us today with posts from each of her DT members.  There are some amazing projects and if you haven't already, you need to check them out http://www.mypinkstamper.com/2011/01/love-is-in-air-my-pink-designers.html 
I decided I had to share my children's Valentines for this year.  We had a snow day last week, so the girls and I got started on their cards for their classmates.  As much as I would love to Cricut them, this year I decided to let them make their own cards (but I'm making their treat bags).   They are 3 and 4 so stamping and punching is easier than piecing little cuts of paper together.  They picked out a spider stamp from the retired Cute a Bug Stampin' Up! set.  (Salebration begins today...WOOHOO!)  I first had them stamp the hearts on the background from the retired SU Sprinkles set.  We stamped the Spiders on Whisper White and they colored in the hearts.  They then punched them with the scallop circle punch.  They did the same with the "I like you" heart inside the card (from SU Family Phrases set).
They could punch stuff all day if I let them and they are pretty good with lining them up to get the whole image!   They get a lot of practice because when I am really busy with a project, I will throw a bunch of scrap paper or recycle paper on the bed with a few punches and I let them go to town.  It keeps them busy and gives me time to work while the baby is napping! 
Back to the card.  The fancy lacey border punch on the front is Martha Stewart which is one punch I do not let them use.  First because it makes a terrible mess and second because MS punches are terrible quality punches.  This punch actual broke while we were working on these (you'll see the back rows are missing the red border).  I had to return it, again!  I am now on #3 for this punch and I am starting to think MS does not like Stampin' Up paper!  I am hoping I do not have to return this one.   The girls glued everything on and by this point they were done so I stamped the happy valentines day (SU teey tiny wishes) and we set them aside until I could return the punch/finish them. 

Today when we pulled them out to work on them again something my 3 year old said yesterday Inspired me to add one more thing to them!  Yesterday she was playing with her Barbies.  Her Mommy barbie was talking to a whole group of other barbies/pets/ponies. She said to the group in her Mommy Barbie voice "You'll live forever if you have Jesus in your heart"! I was so touched that this came from my 3 yr old who I thought never listens to me! I realized that I've been so busy with everything in life that I haven't been sharing the Lord with them everyday like I should. So now, just from hearing that come from her little heart, I am going to work harder on sharing! It inspired me today to have them stamp "Don't forget to pray" from My Pink Stampers Faithful Sayings set on each one of their Valentines for school.   Then my 4 year old and I were reading in her Cubbies(AWANA) book.   Her verse to memorize today is Psalm 31:14  ...I trust in You, O Lord... and after working on her verse, she wanted to use the "Trust in the Lord" stamp.  
We are so blessed that we were placed into this life in an area of the world where we get to celebrate Valentines Day and we have the fun little cards and trinkets.  During a holiday like Valentines Day it is sometimes forgetten how fortunate we are.  I think this is a great way for my family to give thanks for the holiday fun and to share the Lord with all 24 of their classmates!    

 Sorry for such a long post today.  I am a SAHM and a volunteer at my children's preschool so my adult interaction is limited.  I tend to talk too much whenever I get the chance!  Next time, I will simply type up a list for my recipe.  If you are still reading, I was happy to share with you our journey to completing our 2011 Valentine Cards.  Thanks for Reading!


Donna Faglie said...

Amber, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. The Cute As A Bug is one of my favorite SU stamp sets and I love what you did with it!

Paper Panther and Rayna said...

Don't apologize, I love the cards and how you added the sweet touch of Faith to each one. Your post made me realize that I haven't been sharing things like that with my children enough. I know our day goes so much better when I do. Thanks! -Paper Panther