Monday, April 25, 2011

Thank you so much!!

I have been in bed sick all day (and most of the weekend) so I thought since there is little to no crafting going on here, I should get this posted.  I'm so sorry it has taken so long for a few of them.  I need to acknowledge 5 more blog awards that I've received from 5 very talented crafters!   I really appreciate all my followers/friends and all of your encouragement and I hope you will go show these lovely bloggers the same kindness you show me!!  Now, in the order they were recieved...

These blogger friends have passed their Versatile Blogger on to me!  I love visiting each one of their blogs!
Sandra at 365 Days of Cricut 
Melissa at Crafty Gator
LaLa at Scrappin' with LaLa

The next award I want to acknowledge is a Best Friend Blogger from Vero at Mommy's Crafty Creations!   What an honor to receive another one of these! 

And one more award today is a Stylish Blogger Award from Arlene at WaterDots! 

I thank each of these ladies for these lovely awards and make sure you go visit their blogs!  They all have the most wonderful creations and I know you'll be happy you stopped by!  I want to pass these on to each of my followers because you all deserve them!  I hope to be watching the launch of the new Cricut 2 tonight but at this moment, I am not feeling up to it!  Hopefully, this illness will pass soon so I can get back to what I love! 
Thank you for the awards and thanks for stopping by! 


JulieK said...

So sorry you're not feeling well- hope you feel better soon!
I'm excited to watch the E2 launch- my husband is encouraging me to buy it!! (Wouldn't want to disappoint him!)

Paper Panther and Rayna said...

I am sorry you have been ill. THat sounds like us. We went on vacation and when we came home everyone started throwing up! It is not fun to be on Easter, but we tried to make it special. Hang in there. :) -Paper Panther

Christine said...

Hope you feel better. It stinks you were sick over Easter.


Kristie said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!!! So did you get the E2????