Sunday, February 20, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Birthday Fun!!

Today is my oldest daughter's 5th Birthday!  I cannot believe 5 years have passed since she came into this world!  We've been so blessed to see her grow into a happy, healthy 5 year old girl!  She had a blast at her Wizard of Oz birthday party!  She asked everyone to dress up and it was so fun to see many of her guests come in costume.  She was of course Dorothy and her baby sister was a Flower Munchkin!  Unfortunately, Middle E came down with the flu and we had to send her to her GiGi's house for the day : ( .  She was supposed to be Glinda and since Glinda couldn't join in the festivities, Mammy ran to the local costume store and rented a Glinda costume for Mommy to wear.  Mommy was not too thrilled about the HUGE costume Mammy brought home but wore it with a smile for the Birthday Girl.  She was so proud to show her Mommy off to everyone who walk in the door!  Daddy was the Wizard and Nokomis (Grandmother) and Poppy were the Wicked Witch and the Tornado.  We also had a very cute Lion, Toto, and even a little Lollipop Munchkin who brought lollipops for everyone!  Our favorite preschool teacher was here with her camera and took so many great pics for "Dorothy's" scrapbook!  Here is one of my absolute favorites!

I had planned on rolling out yellow paper on the sidewalks for the yellow brick road and throwing a bunch of poppies out in the snow.  Unfortunately, it ended up being 60 degrees outside the days before the party and it actually melted the snow.  Then, for the day of the party, the cold blew back into town with incredible wind!  Since it was so windy, we had to revamp the outdoor decorations.   The weather was perfect tonado weather!  Here is the tornado my Mom whipped up out front!

And of course the tornado dropped our house on the witch!
Here is the Rainbow...

and the Emerald City!

After seeing the pics of a Rainbow cake idea Shannon at Cootie Creations suggested I check out, "Dorothy" decided she wanted Rainbow Cupcakes! 

We made these special party favors for all the kids who attended the party!

My Mother-in-Law made these cute little Toto dogs for the favor baskets. I didn't get the dogs started in time so I decided I would just print the dogs from Animal Kingdom on muslin with the Imagine and stuff them.  On Monday I told my MIL about them and she said she had gray fur fabric.  She told me if I gave her a template, she would cut/sew them for me (the template was the terrier dog from Animal Kingdom cut at 9.5")!!!  We spent Friday stuffing and putting the finishing touches on them!   The kids loved them!  They turned out AWESOME and I can not thank her enough for making these cute furry critters! 

My daughter picked these special treats out from the After Valentine's Day Clearance!  She gave everyone a badge of courage from the Lion, a chocolate heart from the Tin Man, bubbles from Glinda, and nail polish from The Horses of Many Colors as well as some other goodies!

Here is the Birthday Girl's favorite gift!!  She got her very own "Baby Cricut" as she calls it.  It is the Cuttlekids which I was not sure about getting her, but I am so happy I did.  She had it out of the box at the party and went to town showing all her friends how to use her "Baby Cricut"! 

She had no problem whipping out a few projects before her guests left!  This is the first card she made!

This is the "Grandma" Cricut she made for Mommy!  She is now working on her Thank You cards!

As usual I had more ideas then time and I did not get several of my projects done.  I hope everyone had a good time!  I was disappointed to hear someone thought it was little overboard for a 5 year old's party, but this smile is what makes it all worth it!!

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Jani said...

Oh My goodness, how adoreable. Great work on all the decorations. You know she will remember this for the rest of her life.

I am giving you a Stylish Blogger Award! Stop by my blog to copy the picture and see your link.


more fun scraps said...

I love this. You did an awesome job! Congrats on everything you did. She looked super happy.

Imogene said...

Wow, you did a great job!!!I love wizard of oz, as a matter of fact I just watched it again,,2 sundays ago, for about the 100th time,,,LOL,I bet your daughter loved it all..she is such a cutie!!!

Paper Panther and Rayna said...

I don't think there is such a thing as overboard- you can throw me a party anytime!! (or for my kids) That looked amazing!!
I am glad you let your talents shine, that person who said you went overboard was jealous. Don't hold back what gives you joy, right?
It all looked beautiful -especially that smile :)
-Paper Panther