Monday, February 21, 2011

My 2nd & 3rd Stylish Blogger Awards

One of my most favorite bloggers, Ash at Cricut Crazed Lady, awarded me with my 2nd Stylish Blogger Award last week!  Thank you so much Ash!  I just love her work!  Her and her sister were some of my first followers and I have been truly blessed to have met them!  Her sister Angie had awarded me with my 1st Award several weeks ago and as I said on my first post, creativity really runs in this family!  Make sure you check out their awesome work!
Today, I received a 3rd Stylish Blogger Award from one of my newly found blogger friends Jani at Paper Compulsions!  I just love the beautiful flowers she makes and shares!!  They are just gorgeous!  Make sure you stop by her blog to check them out and leave her some love too!

 Upon receiving this award I must...
1) thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog
2) share 8 things about myself
3) pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
4) leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition!
8 things about myself.  This is really hard for me, because as I said before, I am a shy and private person in my non-computer life. For some reason, I have found my voice online, possibly because I know that I am not talking to you face to face and online, I can disappear anytime I need to (not that I plan on disappearing anytime soon)!

1- I have shared before that I am a paper hoarder (see post Confessions of a Paper Hoarder) but I am also an adhesive junky!  I love to try every adhesive out there and I have my favorites to use for every different project/technique!  I have stashes of adhesive everywhere because I fear running out of it!
2- I am a Twilight Fan!  I really love the books better than the movies but the movies are nice to look at!
3- My kids average a broken bone every 6 months.  Just last year, both my middle E and oldest E broke the same arm, same bone, and had the same surgical reduction.  This last time I asked my surgeon if Social Services would be stopping by my house (not that I would worry if they did) and he just laughed and said these were not breaks that are inflicted and that they tend to see active families more often.  He also joked I may want to wrap the baby up in bubble wrap immediately and save the pins from the next break.  I did not find the humor in his joke because I would prefer my little monkeys to stay grounded and NO MORE BROKEN BONES!
4- I have a hard time telling people "NO" when they ask for help.  I just got myself into the dreaded position of being the coordinator for my area's U-6 AYSO program.  I don't know how that happened but it shouldn't be that hard.  Just a bunch of scheduling and planning which I am really good at (it is what I did in my past life before being a SAHM), just as long as I can do most of it on the computer!   I figure my kids are just starting in the program and it is better to be involved rather than just sit back and watch.
5- I am "one of those moms"!  I'm not completely sure what that means exactly but that is what I hear at preschool (and not always in a good tone).  I'm sorry if I enjoy crafting with my kids and seeing the smiles on them and their friends faces when they receive their special little treasures!  I also enjoy volunteering at the preschool, sharing fun projects with the kiddos and spending the time with them.  I am sorry they don't have the time to do the same with their own kids but that is the choice I make in my life!  If making every birthday/ holiday special for my children and theirs means I am "one of those Moms" then yes, I will proudly say I am!!
6- I blog because I am trying to fill a void in my life right now.  It is my therapy and it is working because I just love hoping around to see all you talented crafters out there and I love to hear from each of you!  I am doing it for fun and there is just so much to see out there! 
7- I have to clear my craft table after evey project just so I can concentrate!  I cannot work in clutter(part of my OCD)!
8- I love snow!  Yup, that is right!  I think it is God's Beautiful way of blanketing the earth and telling us to slow down and enjoy what he has created for us.  Ice on the other hand...EWWW.  I'll take a foot of snow over an inch of ice any day!
This is yesterday and no, I was not vandalized (see yellow brick road post)...
This is the same tree today!!
It was beautiful again outside this morning when we woke up!

Wow!!  I still can't believe how many talented people stop by my little piece of the blogger world and like my creations!  I am so honored to have received these awards and I really want to share the love with as many people as possible.  Since I technically have 16 of these to give away, I am going to do this a little differently.  I 've seen this before so I hope it is OK (I don't think anyone is going to take my award away from me)!  I would love to stop by each of my followers blogs today to see who has this and who doesn't but there are just not enough hours in the day!  If you are a follower and you do not have this award, I would love for you to have it.  If you decide to pick it up, please, please let me know so I can give you credit and send people your way!!  I truly do appreciate every one of your comments and I know how honored I was to place my first award on my blog!  If you do not follow me and would like this, let me know.  If there are any of the 16 slots left, which I'm sure there will be, I'd be happy to list you in one of those spots, no following required(but my faithful followers do get first choice on it)!  Next Monday I will do a special post for all my friends who are taking the chance to grab this award for themselves.   I don't want anyone to feel left out and if you are taking the time to share your talent then you are deserving of a Stylish Blogger Award! 

Thank you again Ash and Jani and thank you anyone who is still reading another one of my ridiculously long posts.  Like I said, this is my therapy!  Stop back today because I will be posting another new award!  I have not seen as many peeps out there with this one so I am going to go through my comments and try to choose my 5 recipients!  Make sure you stop by Cricut Crazed Lady and Paper Compulsions today and share the love! 


Brett said...

You're doing a really great job with your blog Amber, if it is helping you by all means keep doing it. I wish I could find something to keep my mind busy. I am very impressed how much you have taken to it and all your creativity. I'm also very proud of what a great parent you are and what a good job you are doing with your girls raising them up the right way.

Love ya!