Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm fixed!!

My computer is fixed...WOOHOO!!!!  It ended up being quite the experience to get her back!  The local computer repair shop was going to charge us an arm and a leg and was not even sure they could do it so she did not stay there very long!  Then when we called Toshiba (because she is less than a year old and covered by warranty)  they told us that part breaks all the time but.... it is not covered by the limited one year warranty (go figure)!!  They would send us a pre-paid shipping carton to send it in but it would cost us $174.00 to get it fixed!!  YIKES!  We did however get the part number from them, so off to Ebay we went where we found the part for $5.50.  Tonight, my husband and I play computer geeks, dissembled her, and replaced the power jack all in less than an hour!  It took longer to mess with all the screws than it did to fix it and cost us about the same as a Happy Meal hehe!!  I've been busy this week so I'll be posting several times today!  First, here are the shower favors from last week.

The favor theme was Puppy Dogs but then turned into the Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.  It all started with the stamp which is retired Stampin' Up!  She had seen them on favors I had done for another woman over the summer (hers were blue favors with and brown puppies) and wanted the same except for she wanted a curly haired dog and mint green and blue.  It gave me an excuse to buy the Four Legged Friend cartridge.  As I started working on them, I called her to see if I could mix it up with the snails and frogs.  She was all for it and she actually bought all the bag stuffers which made it easy for me (because dragging 3 children out in the middle of January to shop is a nightmare)!  I just loved the gummy snails she found online!  I think she was thrilled with how they turned out!  Stop back later today for some more!!


Angie said...

Love the theme and the favors, greta job! Check out my blog, I left you an award!