Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wanted: Little Green Cricut to Move into Our Home!!

I love watching all the videos/pics of Little Cricut's Adventures from many of you lucky peeps who went to CHA.  Robyn at My Pink Stamper is looking for a good home for one of her little guys!  I wish I could have one of these little cricuts so I wanted to show the little guy all the fun he could have here in our home!

First, here is my little "Love my Bug" card!  I just got Car Decals for my Birthday this week and I knew I needed to make some cards for all my friends who are new Cricut owners!  So if you fall into this category, this card is for you!!  He is going to be showing us around today, so Little Cricut, follow him as we see all the fun you could be having!

 Cricut and I share the same favorite stamp set, "Buggy Punnies"!  We keep it close at hand on the craft desk!

And this guys name is Box (I wish I could blame that name on my kids but unfortunatley for him, it is my husbands fault)!  You Little Cricut, like us, will have to share a bed with this guy!  Don't worry...he is old, slow and afraid of his own shadow!  He is also warm and fuzzy and loves to sleep all day!  He'll keep your spot warm! 

We have a bathroom that is just your size!! 

And a kitchen too!! 

And of course there is always Ice Cream in the freezer.  Look it is your color!!

If you get bored with the Barbies living in your house, you can always head next door to the other house! 

Where the hot tub is always ready for a relaxing afternoon! 

You can play in my craft area anytime of the day or night you like! 

There is always plenty of paper for you to cut... 

and look you found the scraps right there... 

yes, there is some more paper in there... 

and my goodness Little Cricut, you've found some more paper over here!! 

There are plenty of Cartridges for you to play with although I would love to collect some more with you! 

Yes, that dresser is full of Stamps for you to use... 

and if you are missing your friend Robyn, you can find some of her love right here!! 

Oh you sneaky Little Cricut!  What did you sniff out over there? 

Yes, that is another pack of paper hiding under there that I bought yesterday, but I promise it is the last I will ever buy (hehe)!! 

These are just a few fun reasons why you should come live with us Little Cricut!  There are many more fun reasons, so tell your friend Robyn that you want to come check them out for yourself!!  We would love you forever and ever!  Thanks for stopping by!


Mollie said...

Love it! You did an awesome job! I hope you win the little bug!

Missy said...

This is just so stinkin cute, I hope you win that little bug! I spent some time browsing through your blog, you make darling projects! Love your back to school layout! Good work!


{Raechel} said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! This was sooo adorably cute! Good luck! I hope Cricut gets to visit you soon!

Karlee said...

What a fun post Amber!!! And your little girls are adorable!!!!

Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

LOL!!! So much fun! I hope you get Little Green cricut! He'll have to hook up Jacob for chats about cricuts and gypsy's on his travels! Thanks for visiting and I can't wait to see what cricut gets up to in your room more if you win!