Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun from Birthdays Past and an Award

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all having a great day today!  I will most likely be MIA for the next few days but I wanted to leave everyone with some fun projects from Birthday's Past.  I was also awarded with a second Stylish Blogger Award this time from Ash at Cricut Crazed Lady.  Thank you so much Ash!  I plan on posting it soon but in the mean time, make sure you check out her blog!! 
So here are some fun birthday projects and I apologize beforehand for some of the terrible pics (they were before I figured out how to use my camera).  Ok who am I kidding.  I am still trying to learn how to use my camera to get the best pics! 

This was from my oldest E's 2nd Birthday.  Can you tell what the theme was?  Yes, this was the beloved Sesame Street Party.  This party was from my pre-cricut era so everything was cut the old fashion way!  It took me months to plan for this party.  I freehand drew and hand cut 45 Elmo heads for the invitations and I made each one of the characters from poster board and paint.  Big Bird was everyones favorite because he was life size!!  All 8'2" of him!  This picture was taken before I set his wings but I thought it was so cute when my daughter stretched out next to it to see if she was as big as him!

My 2nd E had a Care Bear  party for her 1st  Birthday.  Again, I made several of the Bears with posterboard. 

First E's 3rd Birthday was a Butterfly party.  This was my first birthday with Cricut.  I made these to look like each of the kids.   The monarch wings were cut from the Cricut and I colored the details on the wings.  I don't know how cowboys fit into the butterfly theme, but that is what she wanted for the boys! 
We had 2 parties this year, one at my Grandparents and one with all her friends and family.  This is the cake I made for her party at my grandparents.

I really wanted to make Monarchs for her friends party but she wanted purple/yellow and pink/green butterflies!  Birthday girl got her wish. 

We always have Rainbow Ice Cubes.  They're made with Kool-Aid (minus the sugar).  They are always a huge hit! 

Second E's 2nd Birthday was a Jungle Party.  These are the cupcakes I made.  I think I found the pattern for most of these on Betty Crocker's website.   Each of the different animals were a different flavor cupcake, Monkey's were Banana, Zebra's were Chocolate, Lions Vanilla, Tigers were Carrot Cake, Elephants were PB!  It was soooo hot the day I made them, can you tell?  The icing was melting off as I was trying to decorate them!

Second E's 3rd Birthday was a Beach Party!  We had this party at a nearby State Park that has a Lakefront Beach.  I made these buckets for each one of the kids!  They were made with Outdoor Vinyl so they were waterproof.

I put each one of the kids names on them so they have their own, personal bucket!

Beach Party Cupcakes.  Because of the heat (and my experience with the melting icing from the previous year) I purchased the plain cupcakes with blue icing from Sam's Club.  I then added the beach scene to them at home.  The little bikinis took forever to pipe on so I ended up making some cupcakes with just sweddish fish on them and of course, they were the ones all the kids wanted. 

Third E's 1st Birthday Party was a Kitty Party. 

The mini cake was made in a batter bowl and I cut the face with the Imagine. 

Goodie Bags to match the invitations!

We've had other great parties and there are lots of pictures (although my sister is usually the photographer, so I am at her mercy for the pics).  I've had loads of fun throwing these parties for my girls!  I hope they enjoy the memories (and scrapbooks) made at each one!  I hope you enjoyed some of the ideas.  I'll post some more party pics as I find them on the old computer!  Please leave me a comment with your email address if you have any questions about any of these projects!  I would love to help you re-create them for your own party fun!!  I'll be back next week with fun Wizard of Oz party pics!!  

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!! 


Julie said...

These are all wonderful inspirations@ Thanks for sharing!

Kel said...

WOW.. I want my next birthday at your house.. LOL. Everything is beautiful.. love all your different themes over the times. That blue cupcake with the sandy bear is too dang cute. I'm LOVEING the big bird too... The butterflies on the cake and on and on.. and on.. LOL. I love all your goodies and stuff. How lucky for your E's BEAUTIFUL I might add..! to have such a fun party planner!! LOL.

Faith-Abigail Designs said...

Wow! Great job with those cupcakes! I left an award for you on my blog! Please stop by and check it out.

MischievousFox said...

Looks like you've had some FABULOUS birthday parties! I can't believe you free handed the Sesame Street party! WOW! You've got some beautiful creations on your blog!

Angie said...

Great job on all of the stuff, I love BD party ideas!!

Paper Panther and Rayna said...

Seriously, I am way impressed! I need to soak in some of y our skill, patience and planning. You Rock!
Paper Panther