Friday, February 25, 2011

Preschool Projects

I just wanted to share two of the fun things I made with the preschool this month!  First, here are the 4-5 yr olds Valentine's Day boxes!  They were a lot of work but definitely worth it in the end!  When the kiddos passed out their Valentines, they placed them in the mouths!  They had fun feeding their pets!  The boys made dinosaurs and the girls made kitties and they each named their pet.  The kitties had names like "Felix, "Diamond" and "Pretty".  The dinos had a few "Franks", a "Super Dino", and even an "I Don't Knowa"!  My girls named theirs "Honey" and "Mimi"! 

 Today I took a bunch of my Stampin' Up! punches and my Big Shot in to make these cute little owl cards!  My girls love using my punches and especially the BS so I knew this would be a great project to keep the kids attention.  The body is made with the Stampin' Up! Top Note Die cut in half and flipped (there is also a cut very similar to the Top Note on the Accent Essentials Cricut Cartridge).  The eyes are a 1 1/4" circle, 1" circle, 1/2" circle, and the beak and feet are a 5 point flower cut in 3 pieces!  Then they stamped them with My Pink Stamper Punnylicious Stamp"Whoooooooo loves you?  The kids then decorated the fronts and insides with all their punched objects.  The kids had no problems making these and they were thrilled to be taking them home to their Moms and Dads!

I absolutely love crafting with my kids and it is even more exciting when we can share our crafts with their friends.  The kids get a real sense of joy and accomplishment by making them!  Can you remember being a kid and having that feeling of excitement to show your parent something fun you made?  I can still remember it!  I know sometimes as parents we are so busy with all our life issues that it can be tiring to be excited for every little thing our little ones create especially when they are at you all day "Mom look at this!"  Mom look at what I made!"  MOOOOOMMMM LOOOOOKKKK AT THISSSSSS!" but just remember that feeling you had when you had something to show your parent or even the feeling you get when someone leaves a comment on your posts!  It is a great self esteem booster for them to show off their little creations!  Give them the boost! 

Sorry for ranting on today.  I know most of you can appreciate the fun of crafting with your kids.  I get irritated with the parents at school who are too busy to acknowledge these fun little crafts their kids make and they are always the ones that make the snide remarks about them.  Thanks for letting me get it off my chest!  I'm done with my rant now!  Have a Great Day Everyone!!  IT'S FRIDAY!!!!


VICTORIA said...

Thanks for dropping by i enjoy the comments. How lovely 3 little girls You have a great blog
Victoria :)

Crafting with Faith said...

I love seeing the projects you do with the kids. I know they appreciate the time and attention you give them even if their parents don't. It is very important to foster creativity and self-esteem in children.

My baby girl is only 9 months old and I'm already looking forward to crafting with her.

Paper Panther and Rayna said...

Can I sign u p for that class next year?? I want Both a kitty and a dino! How awesome, Rayna and I can not figure out how you craft so much with little ones, you are our hero :) *hugs*
-Paper Panther

Amy said...

This is an adorable project!! I wanna make one myself now!! Good for you for crafting with your kiddos (and making it a PRIORITY!!)... My baby just turned 18, we've been crafting together since she was old enough to dip her hand in paint, and she just spent her entire birthday weekend scrapbooking with me and my crew (including her grandma) at our retreat (her choice!!)... Spending quality time with your children is priceless -- Cherish those moments cuz those 'other' parents have no idea how much happiness they are missing!! :)

Amy :) at
scrapbookingwithamy (at) gmail (dot) com