Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Laptop is injured

I want to let everyone know I will MIA for a few days.  The power supply jack to my laptop snapped off and she is heading to the computer hospital tomorrow for what I hope is a quick fix (fingers crossed).  I am in the playroom on my kids computer which is so slow and it doesn't have a card reader so no pics for now.  It also takes forever to load anything so no blog hopping until my computer comes home.  My Birthday is this week, so if she is not home by then, I may just load up the kids, head to my husbands store, and take over his office.  I don't know how long I can make it without my crafty friends!  I am happy I ordered my new stamps from My Creative Time before my computer broke!  I ordered myself the Paper Princess, Color me Happy, I believe in Leprechauns, and Mom you Rock for my Birthday hehe!!  And now I see that My Pink Stamper came out with a whole bunch of FABULOUS sets!!  I can't take it!  I can only stamp so many hours of the day ladies!  I am trying to see what happened at CHA over the weekend!  It took me forever to view the Cricut video on MPS.  It that really a new Expression?!?!  Well, you all have a fun and crafty week!  I'll hopefully be back soon with lots of pics!  Happy Crafting!